Progress on new classroom

We are making slow but steady progress on my new classroom. Now the walls have been fixed, concrete has been laid down on the floor, and a new front door has been added. I planned to have it ready by Today but unfortunately the carpenter was too busy because many people want things done before the rise in taxes from 5% to 8%.

But I am opening my schedule from 4pm to 8pm every Thursday. I already have bookings at 5pm and 7pm, and there are still two hours available for private lessons.

All new private and coaching students this month get ¥5000 off the admission fee, which means that private students are free and the cost of joining coaching program is only ¥5000! But remember, recently many new students have joined the school so if you want to take a private lesson join now before the schedule is filled up!

See you soon at Hello Teacher English School!






​今年からHello Teacher英語教室で新しいコースが出来ました、コーチングコースです。 コーチングは英語の COACHING から来てる言葉です。よく使われてる場合はスポーツとスポーツクラブです。COACHの仕事はお客様に目標までの計画を作って、方法を教えて、それで目標を達成するまでよこから応援する役割です。 大勢生徒さんは趣味で英語習ってます、それかいつかに英語が必要になる気持ちで教室に